The prairie as it's always existed.

The prairie as it's always existed.


No distractions… 

no people… 

no worries… 

…just inspiration, an ocean of land, and the call of the wild.


SINCE 1910

This unique prairie experience is nestled among 40 acres where you're more likely to see wildlife than people. 

For many decades, 16 Miles to Nowhere used to be an active Hereford cattle ranch run by the Hayes Family.

This is the place for... 
• Sportsmen
• Hunters (pheasant, grouse, deer, antelope, coyotes, varmints, and prairie dogs)
• Horseback riders
• Families
• Tourists
• Musicians
• Writers
• Artists
• Historians
• Photographers/Videographers
• Adventure seekers
• Nature lovers
• Getting away from it all...

This type of freedom does come at a price. We always caution our visitors to the reality of prairie living. When spending time outside everyone must watch where they step as wildlife abounds and can be dangerous. Poisonous rattlesnakes, coyotes, badgers, raccoons, skunks, predator birds, livestock, etc., may never be seen during a visit but they are in the area and we always warn about keeping an eye out.

Visions of Nowhere


Only at 16 Miles to Nowhere will you experience living on the South Dakota prairie.

Every season lends itself to unique views where wildlife abounds

However, when it's time to come indoors the relaxing living room with an 80" screen TV and home theater awaits. The whole house has many options for each person to have their own space while also offering ample options to convene over meals, visiting, games, surfing the web, and always while enjoying inspiring views.

Our ranch home offers unique prairie opportunities everywhere. The 16 miles of gravel road take you back in time as you drive through the very small town of Draper, cruise past many pastures with livestock, crop fields, wildlife, and the occasional farmer or rancher.

As you approach our property, you'll drive through three large "rollercoaster" hills that are part of the famous War Creek. Old vacant buildings with over a 100 years of history are across our ranch home.

You'll quickly see our prairie dog town full of fascinating creatures that are indigenous to the Dakota prairie.

Our large home is inviting and offers country views out of every window and door. 

COVID got ya nervous?

Concerned about the pandemic? Remove yourself by staying somewhere with both South Dakota’s least populated yet most vaccinated county! Conduct Zoom meetings over your favorite beverage (and snack) all while enjoying complete solitude. Supplies are just 26 miles away in Murdo or 30 miles away in Fort Pierre.