16MTN cover

16 Miles of Gravel Roads offer a plethora of chances to see livestock and wildlife.

Southeast Home View

Prairie dogs abound right outside the house!

Northwest Home View

Bring music to their ears!

Kitchen connects to dining room and overlooks the large deck

The Laundy room greets you at the front of the house with our convenient half bath.

Guest half bath

Dining room connects to the large deck

Dining room and kitchen overlook the large northern deck

Plenty of options for java at the Coffee Bar!

Our large living offers vast Dakota landscapes which is glorious for sunsets and thunderstorms.

Ample seating in the living room when visiting or watching the home theater

Full bathroom

Full bathroom with recently installed Onyx shower

The sunrise will greet you from this bedroom we call the Mustang room.

From the master bedroom you'll enjoy gorgeous sunrises while prairie dogs abound.